A successful dental practice relies heavily on everyone working and pulling together. We at Stoneyfields work very closely as a team allowing us to achieve very high patient satisfaction. All members of the team are registered with the General Dental Council.

The Patient

You are the most important member of our team, and you have an integral part to play. Almost all dental disease, be it tooth decay or gum disease, is caused by plaque and although it would be useful to have a hygienist visit every day, it is just not possible. So it is your responsibility to remove all the plaque, from every tooth surface, of every tooth, every day. This will give you complete dental health. It is our responsibility to show you the techniques and materials needed to achieve this.

Also you must tell us when things in your mouth do not feel right or you have any pain, so we can deal with it at a time that is appropriate to you. Even if you have to ring me outside of normal surgery hours it gives me the opportunity to decide how best to deal with your problem and resolve your pain issues.

The Team

Nigel Hammond

Nigel HammondNigel qualified in 1991 at The University of Birmingham. He has been the practice owner at Stoneyfields in Stoke on Trent since 1996 and has dedicated his dental career to helping people achieve dental health and well being. He is committed to continued training and professional development, having completed numerous post-graduate courses throughout the UK and also in the United States and Europe.

When he is not working his time is spent with his wife and 3 wonderful children, enjoying all that family life has to offer. Alex, Oliver and Lizzie keep him on his toes but he does find time in the evenings to get to the gym and try and reverse the signs of age and gravity. He readily admits that sometimes it feels like a losing battle.

Recently he had a midlife crisis and now finds himself riding to work on a motorbike!

GDC Number 67027


Tracey Johnson

Tracey Johnson

Tracey is our hygienist and is probably the most important person working at Stoneyfields. Her responsibilities include working closely with me and the periodontal specialist to

  • Assess or reassess a patients gum health and homecare habits
  • Remove all hard and soft plaque
  • Work with the patient on the skills and tools and techniques they need to remove plaque from every surface of every tooth every day.

The work Tracey puts in is rewarded by the thanks and praise she gets from all of her patients, and from me and Mark, who would not be able to work without her.

GDC Number 4412


Gary Zolty – Practice Limited to Endodontics

Gary is married with 3 wonderful children and has limited his practice to Endodontics since 1998. His special interest in endodontics is non-surgical retreatments and ‘impossible’ cases, including resorption repair, surgical endodontics and perforation repair, surgical endodontics, medico-legal reports and post endodontic restorations.

He holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) from Witwatersrand, South Africa and a MSc degree (endodontics). He completed a two-year postgraduate Higher Diploma in Endodontics at the University of Stellenbosch, and achieved cum lauda. .

He now runs a private endodonotic referral practice, and will endeaveour to see your patients as quickly as possible.

GDC Number 78957


Mark Howdle – Specialist in Periodontics

Mark qualified in 1989 at Birmingham University. After six years as principal of a very successful mixed practice in Birmingham, he commenced advanced restorative dental training in 1997 and obtained a Masters Degree in Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, from the Leeds Dental Institute.

Since 1998 Mark has received additional advanced restorative training being a Specialist Registrar in Prosthodontics in Leeds, and also internationally in the USA and Europe, from leaders in the field of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. In 1999 he was awarded Membership to the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

The breadth of Mark’s training enables him to complete complex reconstructive cases of dentate, implant and periodontally terminal dentitions using the latest aesthetic techniques.

In 2003, Mark was awarded ‘Specialist’ status by the General Dental Council in Periodontics. He lectures regularly on all aspects of Periodontics, Implant Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation and is the MD of ‘One to One Implant Training Ltd’ and a post-graduate implant training mentor fro the Association of Dental Implantology (UK) and Nobel Biocare. In addition, Mark is also a visiting lecturer, Specialist Periodontist and implant Surgeon to the FACE@52 Team, a leading Harley Street cosmetic dental and implant clinic.

Mark will be pleased to take referrals on all aspects of Periodontal, Implant and Restorative Dentistry.


Please download the forms below and return to the practice for prompt referral of all your Endodontic, Periodontic and Implant needs.

GDC Number 64896


Claire Hoppenbrouwers


Claire is the newest addition to our team, here in Stoke on Trent, starting in February 2015. She has worked in a number of dental practices and brings a wealth of experience with her and will answer your calls and answer any questions you may have.

GDC Number 110314


Debbie Garner

DebbieDebbie has worked at the practice since she left school, and has not been without a smile in all that time. Nothing seems to phase her, although she did admit to a little nervousness when we introduced computers in 1998. She works in all areas of the practice, but her main role is as Mark Howdle’s implant nurse and co-ordinator.

GDC Number 116413.


Lorraine Davies

Lorraine DaviesLorraine has again worked at the practice for many years and has only taken time out to bring up her two children. She works part time and mainly with Nigel Hammond and Tracey the hygienist, but can adapt to any area in the practice. Nothing is too much for Lorraine and she conveys excellent patient care.

GDC Number 116412


Alex Moston

AlexAlex started work with us as a trainee and has very quickly shown her excellent skills working with both Nigel and Jason. She has since qualified and has also passed her qualification allowing her to take x-rays. Being the youngest member of the team she is keeping the rest of us on our toes. Currently she is taking time out with her daughter.

GDC Number 193284


Ellie James

Ellie started work with us in December 2013 and is on a recognised apprenticeship scheme for the next two years. She will be working in our decontamination room and with Nigel Hammond (Dentist)  and Tracey Johnson (Hygienist). She has already shown herself to be a valuable member of the team.