Stoneyfields has run a very successful referral practice since 1998. Initially this started with Jason Bedford, a Specialist Endodontist who has been providing root canal treatments to the highest standards for patients throughout the Midlands.

He was joined in 2004 by Mark Howdle a Specialist Periodontist, who has become an invaluable member of the Team. Mark also provides implant solutions for patients with complex treatment needs. He has very quickly become busy treating patients with advanced gum disease and providing implants as solutions for missing teeth or loose dentures. He also offers a full restorative option for patients which require advanced levels of care in Stoke-on-Trent, Shropshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire. More information can be gleamed from his website at

Jason Bedford has now left us to become the Director of Clinical Services at Integrated Dental Holdings. We therefore asked him who he thought was best to replace himself, and he said Gary Zolty. Hence Gary Zolty has now started with us. Again he provides the same high standards of endodontic care as provided by Jason.

Gary Zolty has limited his practice to endodontics since 1998, and has worked mainly in the Northwest of England. He has been a fantastic addition to the already successful Team at Stoneyfields. He takes referrals from all over the Midlands and provides very high quality root canal treatment. Visit his website at

We are now accepting referrals for all types of TMJ problems, including severe wear cases, painful clicking joints and headache patients.

We have a very simple policy for treating patients referred to us here, and that is we will only treat them for what they have been referred to us for, and always keep their own dentist informed in writing about the treatment their patient has received. When the patient has completed their treatment they are advised to go back to their original dentist for their regular treatment.

At no time do we accept those patients referred to us for their routine dental care, as this would break the trust we have with the referring dentists.

Please download the forms below and return to the practice for prompt referral of all your Endodontic, Periodontic and Implant needs.