It can be a big step to see a new dentist especially when you have been seeing the same dentist for a number of years. We take great pride at our dental practice in Stoke on Trent in the quality of our examination and the whole mouth and supporting structures are examined under powerful lighting and significant magnification. In this way nothing is missed. We also have access to instant digital x-rays which will be shown to you on our computer screen. We will also take pictures of your mouth and show these to you so that we can explain any disease we find in your mouth or any restorations that are failing and need replacing. In this way you can see for yourself problems that I can see with my high magnification.

Once we have a full diagnosis we can start the treatment with your consent. We have invested in a full decontamination suite for your safety, and use only the best materials when we provide treatment. We also spend time learning new skills and increasing our knowledge so you benefit. We take our time to care for you and provide quality work that lasts, looks great, complements your health and is guaranteed.

Common sense says that you cannot have all of this, the best materials and excellent service with only a little investment. So we are sure you can see a dentist for less at other practices but beware that the final cost to you is not your dental health and smile? It is our belief and experience, that high quality, comprehensive dental treatment is a much better long-term investment than patch-up dentistry to preserve teeth and prevent their untimely loss.

New patient consultation with Nigel Hammond £95.00 Currently Free for all New Patients
Routine Examination FREE for Plan Members or £33.00
Single x-ray FREE for Plan Members or £12.00
Full mouth x-ray, OPT £68.00
Emergency appointment FREE for Plan Members or £45.00
Periodontal Treatment—(Gum treatments)
Routine Hygiene Appointment FREE for Plan Members or £57.00
Deep scaling or root planning for 30 minutes £88.00
30 minutes routine hygiene appt £57.00
we don’t fill teeth, we restore them to full function.
All prices are for using tooth coloured materials.
Anterior (front) tooth
– 1 surface £120.00
– 2 surfaces £160.00
Posterior (back) teeth – single surface £120.00
Root canal therapy by Endodontist
Incisor, canine or premolar £500.00 (Re-treatment £600.00)
Molar £635.00 (Re-treatment £735.00)
Crowns and Bridges
Cerec restoration ( 1 visit, no impressions) £550.00
Zirconium Crown/inlay £650.00
Tooth whitening
Home whitening £450.00
Extreme office whitening (Home and in house) £600.00