A significant number of adult patients in Stoke-on-Trent have wonky teeth, but are not interested in spending two years with fixed braces. Their main concern is the front of the mouth because they can eat normally with their back teeth and have no problems. They just want ‘Straight Front Teeth’.

We can offer a number of solutions that give Straight Front Teeth in about 6 months.

I use the Cfast system for best results:


The Inman Aligner system is used when patients don’t want a fixed option:

Both of these are visible, and we do offer an invisible system called SmileTRU. This is a series of clear plastic tooth aligners which are changed every two weeks to change the position of the teeth. Again results are brilliant, and patients have been really pleased.

The Gold Standard is always full fixed orthodontics.

Orthodontics and Orthopaedics

It is very common for our children to grow and develop, but for various reasons they can have crowding of their teeth usually because their jaws have not developed properly either in size or in relation to each other. This can result in an unattractive smile and make it a lot more difficult for the teeth to be kept clean leading to gum disease and tooth decay.

Skeletal discrepancies can be associated with any of the following

• ENT problems
• Facial disharmony
• Spinal imbalances
• Over crowded teeth
• Poor function of the teeth
• Headaches and various facial pains

Everyone is different but orthopaedic treatment is only required when there is a skeletal discrepancy. The treatment plan has an identical pathway in all cases:-

The ideal shape of the dental arch is assessed and if the arch is smaller than ideal, orthopaedic appliances are used to develop the arches to their correct shape and size.

The position of the lower jaw is brought into a classical position with respect to the upper jaw and again orthopaedic appliances are used to create these changes. The skeletal midlines are balanced with the other cranial bones and the cervical spine.

At this stage we consider the teeth and an orthodontic approach becomes viable.

When do we start is an easy one to answer. As soon as a problem is diagnosed we start. The earlier that orthopaedic therapy is instituted the quicker we can get the skeletal pattern back on track. My youngest patients are about 4 years old and I am now seeing them develop beautiful, health smiles with no facial abnormalities.

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