As the name suggests a smile makeover is a new smile that has been designed to look better in many ways, to your design. It may straighten crowded teeth, close gaps, reduce protrusion, whiten, widen a narrow smile, change the length or shape of teeth, and replace missing teeth or any combination of the above.

It all starts with a desire by you to make improvements. We take digital photographs of your face and your smile from all angles and a very good history from you. We find patients in Stoke-on-Trent will very often bring in photographs from magazines of how they would like to look. All this information will be used to redesign the smile.

The next phase is to make 3D models of your teeth and these models are adjusted to create the smile of your dreams. We then sit down and discuss what changes to the teeth we need to make to give you that perfect smile, so you are very much involved in the process. Only when you agree to what can be done do we start.

On the tooth preparation appointment all the planning has been done and we use the 3D model to make any temporary restorations. In this way you are able to fully appreciate the proposed final appearance. Any changes can be easily made and communicated with my technician and the final restorations are exactly what you and the dentist wanted.

All this makes our smile makeovers highly predictable and uniquely fine-tuned to the individual.



A veneer is a new front surface for a tooth, custom made from ultra thin porcelain. They are extremely versatile and can be used to align crowding or protruding teeth, close gaps or lighten tooth colour. The strength and appearance of our porcelain veneers rivals that of natural teeth.

Porcelain veneers can be used to mask a single dark tooth but more often are used as part of a smile makeover. It usually takes just two visits to create that award winning smile you are after.

Look at some of our veneer cases on the smile gallery and you will be amazed. Why not e-mail us a photograph of your smile with your wish list and we will e-mail back a rough guide as to how much treatment would cost here at Stoneyfields to fulfil your wishes.

Dental Implants

Implants are the number one choice to replace missing teeth. The implant, which is made of titanium, is fitted in the bone where the tooth root would normally be. When fully fixed to the bone, a post (or abutment) is attached to the implant and a crown, bridge or denture is then placed over the abutment to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Currently dental implants are fitted by our Implantologist, Mark Howdle and then restored by myself or Mark. With our combined expertise we have been able to ensure patients do not have to wear false teeth, or have healthy teeth destroyed to make bridges.


Dental Bridges

When you have one or more missing teeth, then a dental bridge may be used to restore the resulting gaps. The bridge is basically a beautifully created porcelain tooth that fills the gap and is supported by the adjacent teeth or implants.

One of the most crucial skills in the placement of a bridge is to create the illusion that the missing tooth emerges from the gum just as a natural tooth does. Our specialist periodontist, Mark Howdle, at the practice is extremely skilled at manipulating the gums to ensure that no-one will ever know you had a missing tooth.

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Crowns are made to strengthen teeth with very large fillings or teeth that are badly broken down, and traditionally they have been made of porcelain bonded to metal. At the front of the mouth this often resulted in a black line appearing at the gum level which looks unsightly. This can very often spoil an otherwise attractive smile.

Now we have newer ceramics that give us the strength but allow us to create a natural life-like appearance that will last for years.