Even today when we have the technology to give a patient a new heart, the majority of dentists still place a poison into people’s mouths. Mercury. The most toxic non- radioactive element known to man.

I was taught that this was locked away in the filling material forever and could not possibly cause any harm. How wrong my teaching was! I use the ‘Son and Daughter’ rule. Would I place this material in my child’s mouth? No! Therefore I have no right to place it in any one else’s mouth and I placed my last toxic filling in 1998 when I was working exclusively on the NHS.

Mercury fillings have been shown to cause cracks in teeth which reduces their life expectancy and so we at Stoneyfields Dental Practice in Stoke on trent only place the aesthetic composite fillings or ceramic fillings. If a small filling is to be replaced then composite is the ideal material, but as more tooth structure is missing then a Cerec restoration is regarded as the best option.

When I had all my own mercury fillings replaced, the biggest surprise to me was how light my mouth looked without all that metal.

My next big birthday is the big 50 and luckily I have very good health. I may carry an extra pound of body fat (my wife says its kilos), and I am pretty fit and active. Recently I decided to check on the mercury locked away in my own body and was shocked with the results, considering I have not placed mercury fillings since 1998. I have also been galvanised by dentist colleagues who have died prematurely due to brain tumours, one of the organs that stores a lot of mercury.

I am now working with a Naturopath called Catherine Ellis and we have reduced my mercury load by a massive amount. I feel a lot better now than I did before we removed the mercury. If you want more information about mercury toxicity, a good informative site to go to is iaomt.org.

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