We live in a world where beauty is important whether we like it or not. A natural, confident smile is one of the most attractive assets you have and needs care and attention to maintain it. Sadly, for a lot of people they have poor teeth and gums which can not only affect your health but will impact on your appearance, self confidence and quality of life.

With modern dental techniques a beautiful smile is easier than ever to achieve. Here at Stoneyfields Dental Practice in Stoke on Trent we transform people’s lives by providing beautiful, healthy smiles that will last a lifetime.

Cosmetic procedures can involve a whole range of procedures, some that can be done safely and simply at home such as tooth whitening. They can also be as simple as adjusting the length of a tooth, providing a veneer to a discoloured tooth, replacing a single missing tooth or they can be as complicated as replacing a loose denture with teeth fixed into place on implants.

The skill in cosmetic dentistry is to know your final outcome before you start. If you don’t know what you want to achieve it cannot be achieved. With modern computer programs a good photograph can be manipulated to show the end result. Often a 3D model can be made of your mouth and mounted on an articulator to mimic the way your jaws move. The teeth can then be reshaped with wax to create that perfect harmonious smile and used to show you the results we will achieve in your mouth even before we have touched a tooth. This model can then be copied when making any temporary restorations so a patient can assess the changes to their smile. Any minor adjustments can be made and the Master Technician can use this for the final restorations, creating the perfect smile.