The patient forms an integral part of the team approach that has been very successful here at Stoneyfields and in reality you have the most important part to play.

It is your responsibility to try and keep your teeth as clean as you possibly can, brushing at least twice a day and using floss or interdental brushes once a day to clean between the teeth. Almost all of the dental disease today is caused by plaque bacteria which are your responsibility to remove from the tooth surface.

The general formulae that everyone needs to know are

1. Plaque + Sugar + Teeth = Gum disease and Tooth Decay
2. Plaque + Teeth = Gum Disease
3. Teeth – Plaque = Dental Health

As part of your overall care, our hygienist will show you how to keep the amount of plaque in your mouth to a minimum, but you also need to follow a sensible, healthy eating regime. With years of experience we will decide how often it is best to see the hygienist to prevent dental disease and it is your responsibility to commit to this.

Your other commitment is to tell us when you have a problem with your teeth or gums, no matter how trivial it seems. Very often when a tooth breaks it will not cause you any pain, but treating it early will very often mean easy, straightforward care. Leaving it for longer could significantly reduce the life expectancy of the tooth or cause you severe pain and discomfort. It will also make treatment more expensive.

As already mentioned we are committed to excellence and we would like our clients to tell us when we fall below our high standards so that we can apologise and change our procedures. We also expect our clients, once happy with the service we have provided, to recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues. In this way we can always be here to provide the type of care and treatment