Our Commitment to You










The staff at Stoneyfields Dental Practice in Stoke on Trent have worked together for over 25 years and I have been a part of this team since 1995. We care passionately about our client’s well being, and want to do the best we can for them, and provide premium levels of service and care. It is our belief and experience, that high quality, comprehensive dental treatment is a much better long-term investment than patch-up dentistry to preserve teeth and prevent their untimely loss.

All our treatment protocols are tried and tested with excellence being our motto. We provide oral cancer screens for all our patients on a regular basis for peace of mind. When you do have a dental problem we will always try and offer you a choice of treatment options that suit your needs, but we will not compromise on excellent standards of dental care. If we feel that what you want is not possible or will fail, we will advise you accordingly. Also if we feel that the treatment is beyond our ability or specialist care is in your best interests, then we have a superb team of specialists who we can refer you to. We have a Specialist Endodontist and a Specialist Periodontist in the practice that can provide the highest quality root treatments and gum care, together with implants.

If you do have an urgent problem for whatever reason we will try our very best to see you that same day. We may only have enough surgery time to place a temporary filling, but we can normally get the definitive treatment completed within a week. We will always try and solve any pain a patient has the same day that they call.

The overall care of our patients is important to us and an important part of this is the way we process instruments after they have been used. As far as possible we try and use single use instruments, but when this is not possible we have a state of the art Decontamination Unit. All instruments are washed in a medical washer disinfector and then autoclaved according to current guidelines. Instruments are then stored appropriately prior to use. You can be reassured that your safety is at the forefront of everything we do.